New Beginnings

Today is the start of a new month. It’s almost like we have a new set of 30 (or 31 or 28/ to do it all over again. The month is ready to grant new memories, and cause reflection on old ones.

In anytime we have a “new” something this is what we think. Every Monday we say it’s a new week. January 1st it a New Year. I think we are excited over new things…

Well it is fitting then that today we started something new within my ministry. I began to meet with men which will be an intentional weekly thing. In fact I think we had a great time. We talked about everything from hardships, to a recent fun time we had.

You know when you intentionally choose to be apart of someones life you can find that just the time spent together will be beneficially, but things will get even better when you are holding each other accountable.

Developing relationships are key for successfully walking the Journey of life, why not have positive ones, that you are intentional about making…


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