Re-defining Commitment

You ever have one of the day’s where it seems like nothing is going right? You may have stubbed your toe, or your running late, or your have a stain on your clothes and you find out after you have already left the house!

Those are just some of the daily things that can frustrate someone, but what how stress in things that we do. Going to a job everyday that angers you, or being unhappy with the way life is for you at the moment.

Stress that carries over from day to day can truly start to weigh on a person, and even discourage them. You know often times we are more likely to find roadblocks and hit walls when we are doing something we either love or should be committed to.

I had an interesting conversation this evening that made me take a look at that very word Commitment. For the last few months I was one of those people filled with stress and disconnected from many things around me. Although I was still active in all of my responsibilities, my heart was heavy.

I needed to re-define what I was committed to. In fact I am still in this process. The word Commitment is defined as a an agreement or pledge to do something in the future. I began to think I have committed to give my all towards various things, but is my heart still in it? Just because I am working hard doesn’t mean I am emotionally, and mentally committed.

Well that just blew my mind! Figuring out that things I have sworn I was giving my all to, in reality I am giving maybe about a third of my effort.

Here is the bottom line things will get rough in life, everyone knows that. Things will even feel unbearable at time, but that isn’t the time to tap out. In fact that is the time re-think through why you signed up in the first place, and dig deep. During this realization I found myself calling out to GOD to help me reconnect with the original reason I began various task, so I can be diligent in completing them.

What are you committed to? What are you giving your all to no matter how challenging things may get? Stay focused, Stay committed!


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