Talk about a “Connecting” flight!

Most people enjoy traveling. Whether driving through states, a cruise overseas or flying the beautiful skies, most understand that any of these means of transportation will get them to their destination.

To be honest though, I can’t stand it. Traveling exerts so much energy for me. However there is nothing worst than flying for me. Talk about a nervous wreck. Now I never show it. BUT trust me inside I am a complete mess.

Well last week I had to fly as I was taking care of some business for the Lambda Pi Gamma Christian Fraternity  and I had a connecting flight in Philadelphia PA with a layover of about a little over one hour. However it ended up being slightly longer and don’t you just hate that. Not only am I going crazy about this flight but now we are late. My mind begins to run wild with all sorts of problems that the plane is having.

Fortunately I had something pleasant happen that allowed me the opportunity to be as comfortable as ever before all this could take full effect.

As I am sitting in the waiting area, staying to myself, a man happen to come and next near me. I see pull out a few books that seemed as if he was in some type of graduate program (the titles were really big words 🙂 ). Being in graduate school myself I engaged in a conversation with him about what he was studying.

Well the layover from that point on seems to only be 5 minutes. We talked about our lives, what we did and our families. Most importantly we talked about God. This gentleman informed me that him and his wife were turned off from Church, and he had several questions about God/ the bible/ church and assured me that I would not convince him easily. I kindly told him I would even try to convince him, just share with him the truth.

After that we were underway, at moments there was deep stares, other times there was laughter. When the plane was ready for boarding, and we started wrapping up our conversation, we exchanged information, and I told him that he could call whenever he liked. To this day we have kept in touch via email. We are even planning on having them visit the church and taking them out for lunch.

I never saw this coming. The conversation, the connection, even the dialogue between us today. I walked into the terminal thinking, I can’t wait to get this over with, and I’m glad that it didn’t end quickly or I would have missed out on sharing life with someone.

This in no way means I enjoy flying now, BUT it does mean I have a better outlook when I am connecting flights, but now I will be looking to connect with people as well.


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