Who would have thunk it?

This isn’t going to be a deep blog or a long one.

I was just encouraged by someone I didn’t know.

A YouTube video I made over a year ago was watched and he said it blessed him, and that I should keep it up.

WOW. I didn’t think anyone watched. I didn’t think anyone cared… But surprisingly it God used it. I guess it’s not a surprise but sure was to me. It encouraged me to maybe start again. I enjoyed doing them. I really did…

SO bottom line.. You never know who will be encouraged by you or when, so live to impact people and you will without a doubt!

Stay Blessed!


One thought on “Who would have thunk it?

  1. That’s the incredible power of blogging, posting sermons, and podcasting. Never stop. What you write today may get 0 hits. Three years from now some random person will come up to you and say “That post you wrote 3 years ago changed me life.”

    I think God has a way of doing that so we don’t get puffed up with pride, but His glory is still magnified. Love it!

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