Are we intolerant?

Yesterday I read and article and watch a new clip about a issue in Binghamton, NY. I have spent 6 years of my life in that area and developed a great love for it. However I was heart broken as I read and saw “clergy” men defending people and their so called rights rather than what scripture says.

It is amazing how people have taken their citizenship of this country (or any for that matter) and made that their belief system, but taken scripture and made it their option. Through biblical history, God’s people are never to conform to its day but rather be a counter-culture.

People who stand for the bible are called intolerant? But just what are we intolerant of? We are said that we don’t truly love a person. That we are “forcing” our religious belief on people.

You know the other day I was talking with my wife about true friendship and true love for people. You ever see someone who was doing something that was harmful in public? Would you say something? What about a close friend who was destroying themselves, would you step in?

The crazy thing is that true believers/followers of Christ are seen as intolerant because we don’t want to see people destroy themselves. Society will say a person has the “right” to choose, and I agree. But is it really a choice if all the options aren’t presented. Even if they choose death, do I have to agree and support?

I think anytime I see a person destroying themselves, I should have the “right” to oppose that and let them know that their options (even if it may seem good) is not the best.

So this is called intolerant. This is called a religious fanatic.

Why is it that when people stand up for biblical beliefs they are called bible thumpers and intolerant, yet when people live without any regard for anyone but themselves they are awarded? Better yet why do people think that God’s standard should change just because society can’t make up its mind on what is acceptable from this moment to the next?

I guess the bottom line is, that if caring for someone to the point that I want a better life for them, rather them letting the choose destruction goes against what this country or any for that matter stands for (which that will change in the next 20 years has it over the last 20) then so be it. We never doubt or dispute things are change over time, but something that is true throughout all time we call wrong.

Real love, and real hope, and real compassion for a person comes from God, and what He has done for us through Christ on the Cross, so we don’t have to choose death, but have life. OH! and by the way, where do you think your “rights” even come from? From the one in whose image you are created…. GOD


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