Where will you be?

Think back 15 years ago…  How old were you? What were you doing?

I was 9 years old turning 10. My younger brother hadn’t even been born, but was due that year. It was 1995. I hadn’t even placed my faith in Christ yet. I was playing with friends, drinking Kool-Aid, and just enjoying life.

BUT God was already working. 15 years ago there was an awesome Pastor, shepherding an awesome church. The people loved him and grew in the Lord. However God called this leader to another work. The people were then set on a slow down-ward spiral for the next 15 years, going through several leaders. Some good, some not so good and all came and went. A lot of people were hurt. Many people struggled in their faith. Unfortunately some people even walked away from their faith.

We wonder why God allows hardships, and pain. James says (James 1:2-3) that these things come to test your faith and produce maturity. But often times some people walk away.

However God continued to work in this church. Numbers dropped from around 350-400, to it ended in a church split between no more than 70 members. This remnant of believers, who loved the Lord but were hurt and scattered, decided to start a church knowing that God wanted to impact their community, just not sure how.

During this whole time I went from becoming a believer, to studying business and culinary arts, to struggling in my faith, to God reconciling me and calling me to ministry. 15 years of growing and learning and God preparing me.

NOW 15 years later, I am the pastor of that new church plant. Those people had no idea God was going to send me years later, and I had no idea I would be their pastor. In fact the two of us didn’t know the other existed.

BUT GOD KNEW! In fact He planned the whole thing. In fact God saw it fit as he prepared everyone accordingly to bring us together long ago, after taking each of us through a long, 15 year process.

Praise GOD!
BUT what’s the point?

My point is that God sees, knows and ordains things we cannot even begin to dream of. Don’t let trials in your life; defeat you, when God has declared you more than a conqueror in Him. We don’t know what He’s plan but we do know God’s will is perfect and is exactly for us, because he provides for us everything we need.

Where will you be in 15 years? What will you be doing? My prayer is that you answer will be, In 15 years I will be living according to the will of God for my life.


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