What does your culture say?

Recently my wife and I had a conversation about our cultural background (a conversation we have all the time), as she is Guatemalan and I am African American. Her parents grew up in Guatemala and mine in America so there are just different perspectives that we have about things.

This got me thinking… Culture dictates a lot.  I mean often times we are told in one way or another by our culture that we should or shouldn’t do something. Women in the Middle east dress a certain way and it is culturally understood. People are often crushed in terms of self-esteem or even left with envy because of what the culture says we should look like or have.

Well what does the culture day about love, family, gender roles, and most important truth?

If we are just following the culture then where do we end up?

Now I know many people will say that they determine their own path. They don’t fall into the cultural trap. Then where do you stand on understanding truth. Or on any of the topics above. How does you life reflect that

It seems all to often people reject the Bible as absolute truth because of “our” cultural issues. Since we fall at allowing truth to be true, and we have allowed our culture to tell us, or show us what true is, we reject God. Even for professing Christians who struggle with scripture or their understanding of God, some look at culture to answer those questions.

I guess what I’m saying is this… Culture, although wonderful in many ways, America although awesome in many ways (not going to debate whether the nation is great or not) cannot, and should not dictate what Truth is, nor be used to say because of their conclusions truth doesn’t exist. Whatever your culture say about anything may have aspects of truth, but it does not mean that it is absolute Truth.

Truth isn’t to make you happy (although it can set you free), it is not to have you put someone else down, but it is so that you can live life fully aware of who you are, and how to live in light of that.

I hope you can think through why you believe what you do, with reasonable conclusion that you have come to, not because culture or a person told you but because you understood that absolute Truth is above and outside of us and must be adhered to.


I'd love to read your thoughts

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