Where’s Dessert?

Remember when you were little and you would cry out that you were hungry. You would run to your mom (or whoever you lived with) and say that you were STARVING! She would say eat (insert anything you think about and immediately lose that appetite) something you clearly didn’t want. What about eating dinner and you were told you can’t leave the table until you eat ALL your food. You will eat what she cooked.

In your mind you were hungry but only for what you wanted… DESSERT! Makes sense right

Well that’s like many people around us. You and me even. We are SO HUNGRY! Searching, seeking some even saying that they are starving for God’s touch in their lives. But it’s more like everyone sitting at the dinner table and the meal is in front of them but they all ask.. Umm Where’s dessert?

I know there is a meal here, but when do we get to the good stuff, the stuff I want. I’m hungry for that.
Then when we are malnourished and sick, we turn to the host and say… why didn’t you feed me something that would help? When the question should be, why didn’t we eat the meal provided.

Many people are either so frustrated with what they take in, yet they don’t want to do what will be good for them. Others cry out that they are in need of this healthier lifestyle yet when it is given they refuse it at every turn. There are even those who approach God for exactly what they want, calling it His will, yet they know if satisfies their own desires. Then when it doesn’t work out they blame God

At one point I used to be all of these. I would find myself questioning if you could ever figure out God’s will, and partake of a meal that would satisfy me, while ignore His word and who He really is.

Here’s a tip, if you are truly seeking God, then don’t make excuses as to why you want to skip to your favorite part, eat all that He provides, because believe it or not, it’s good for you. If you believe in Christ all ready, then are you constantly eating of His word? Are you constantly ignoring the harmful, dangerous foods that can hinder your spiritual growth, while digesting all that God has said in His word?

Yea sometimes it’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever tasted… Sometimes it’s a little bitter (in the sense when we are confronted with our sin), but it is always what we need, and is always good for us.


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