Morning Glory!

When you wake up in the morning what is the first few things that run through your mind? (For some this may be after you have had a cup of coffee or rubbed away last nights crust from your eyes)

As I was driving to my 6:35am class (yes I have a class that early) I looked out over the horizon and it was beautiful. I begin to speak with God, thanking Him because I knew that the events that were set before me today would help me reach His destiny for my life.

Then I began to think. Is that how I live everyday? Do I really understand that everything I face God allows and only pushed me closer to fulfilling His purpose within my life.

SO I ask you.. Does your life have meaning? Do you wake up feeling ready to continue accomplishing your goals?

Most of the time we develop our own plans, and destiny. When is the last time that you truly found yourself giving God your life/plans/desires and trusting Him to guided you.

Psalms 37:23 says

“The steps of a man are established by the LORD,
when he delights in his way”

Are we delighting in God’s way so that He can ordered our lives? Or are we praying that He lets us live life the way we want, absent of Him and His path, but still looking for His blessings?

Most people ask for prayer and direction yet do little to get to know the one they request it from. If you want to do more than just exist, waking up everyday not looking forward to its start. Or only holding on to events that come and go, rather finding life being worth it on its own then I suggest you change the reason why you live.

Living for Him puts everything into perspective and allows you to do more than just exist.


I'd love to read your thoughts

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