>It is very interesting how many people (whether they want to admit it or not) are addicted to “love”. We want, desire it, are willing to endure pain to have a moment of its time. When we are without it we are bitter or sad, when we don’t get enough we are angry, and some just deny it. Others down play it. No matter what we know it is there and thus are connected.

Can one be truly connected to love if they are absent from the Love of God?

What I mean is that if people are living in the light of God’s love, can we express this emotion towards another. What most people don’t realize is at the most shallow level’s love is an emotion. In all reality Love is an action. Love is an expression of how one feels but that expression has to be intentional.

It seems that some people aren’t willing to perform the necessary steps to have true love, but rather settle for the puddle of an emotion they have, wondering why “love fades”.

God seems to demonstrate love in turns of a series of committed, intentional actions rather than over-fluffed emotional junk.

Here are a few things to think about…

Have you truly embraced the love of God?

Do you live in light of this love? (Intentional actions showing love)

If you realized you are loved by God, do you love yourself?

Do you try to intentional love someone else? (Love being an action not an emotional response

I see tons of people commenting on “love” yet very few willing to live it out in various aspects of their life.

I pray that you can experience the love of God, love yourself, and share this love with others. If you are “in love” I pray that love is a committed action that is intentional on building the other person up.


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