>What is it that makes people GO? What is their motivation, their drive, their… PASSION!!!

Lately I have been talking to people, and I find myself thinking, why will people be apart of things that don’t make them happy? I mean people seem to be in search of something, anything to give meaning to life, or fulfill them, but all roads lead to the same place.

This place is filled with disappointment as everything will fade away. SO what is it that drives people? What are you most passionate about?

For me it is people… If you knew me years ago your mind is probably blown right now, if you know me now it makes sense. I am passionate about people, seeing people fulfilled, growing, and in love with life.

For me to see people reach that level, I have to strive to obtain that in my own life. Through Christ I have. Not that I have reached it, or perfection, but it is my goal to live a fulfilled life through Him.

What you are passionate about? What are you willing to work with all your might to see come to fruition? What are you willing to sacrifice everything you have for?

Hopefully it isn’t anything that in 5 years will be worth nothing, or in the end will fade away.

Do you live life with passion or do you simply exist.


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