Through thick and thin

>You know people are quick to forsake you for various reasons. On my facebook page this was a status that I posted

“I’ve tried my hardest to connect with them, I have reached out with countless idea’s expressing various ways of making it work filled with my deepest feelings. BUT because I could not be what they wanted me to be, I could not do as they wanted, I did not act as they thought I should have, they have forsaken me. When you don’t jump the way people want, nor reach their expectation they are quick to let you go.”

I can’t disclose the situation, although I wish I could. I can tell you this, we loved each other. A people who got together for a common cause, carried for one another, and would be willing to do anything no matter the risk, because we believed God was directing our paths according to His will. We encouraged one another, we shared life.

Then some grew up, some moved on thinking that the love and connection would remain in our hearts until Christ returned. I remember asking the question, “if I was not here (physically in their presence, would that change our relationship?” I pleaded for us to stay in touch. I know things change we distance is between people, but this is different.

No calls, no letters, and when there was any brief communication some would try to make me feel guilty for going where God is leading me. Others would avoid me.


It is funny how people delete you from Facebook or their social-networking pages as if to say now we really aren’t friends anymore.

End Side-note

It is very interesting how people, people who claim what they claimed will choose to live. I would say choose to act but this is there lifestyle. So with all that has been said and done, I am left with this…

“I thank God for His strength, my life (which is blessed beyond measure) is for His glory, and I pray that He will continue to lead me according to His perfect will.”

I am not sorry if I haven’t been who you wanted me to be, that I didn’t mold according to your will, or if I’m not doing what you thought was best for you/or me.

I am doing what God is requiring of me. I have trying my best to be faithful to His word, sensitive to His Spirit, and diligent in His calling. If your endeavors are the same then we can connect, if not then you are in my prayers. For years I have tried to become what people would like. Now I only try to please one Person and let Him open doors for me.

I pray that you remain faithful, I pray for your strength, I pray for your happiness.

God Bless and Stay Faithful friends.


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