Does God speak to your heart?

>When facing a tough circumstance as Christians we find ourselves praying. Looking toward God for the answer that will lead us in the direction of His perfect will. The Bible tells us to (“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” Proverbs 3:5). This in itself is already a tough task but those truly seeking after God and His righteousness find themselves striving for it.

My question however is simple…. Do people hear God when it comes to matters of the Heart? On the other hand, even better do they just make it up because they “like” someone so they say they heard from God?

Several people have told me to seek God with issues concerning my heart and I will just know. For me that doesn’t cut it… Because too many times I thought, I knew. Was I not hearing from God? Did I foolish follow my emotions? When do we as people know the difference between what our heart wants and what God wants?

Often times we miss out on or mess up relationships because of this common mistake. Therefore, what’s the answer…? How does it work when pertaining to matters of the Heart, especially dealing with loved ones…?

I’m not sure in the slightest way, but I do know that the Bible says in John Chapter 10 that the sheep know the voice of the GOOD Shepherd and a stranger they do not follow. So God will clearly sound different from our emotions, and if you know His voice you shouldn’t get confused.

However, often times we do, or we pass off what our heart says, as the voice of the Lord. Let’s not be mistaking, God will lead us the right way; we have to simply listen and follow.

My heart struggles each and every day. I am praying that He will speak to it soon.

Thank you for reading again, please asks questions and leave comments. We will grow together in the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Does God speak to your heart?

  1. >Wow, this is exactly how I feel right now… confused, conflicted, pulled in different directions… I'm struggling to hear what God has to say about my heart and some decisions I have to make very soon. Thank you for being so open and honest–it's refreshing. Have you found any answers?

  2. >I am keeping you in pray that God will reveal His will for your life. I have found that many time we place our emotions and the present view of the situation above God. We may not mean to but being human it happens. The best thing to do is to continue to pray, and read the Word of God. Also the bible tells us to seek out counsel of wise people. Make sure they are people who are in their Word. I pray this helps and God Bless. Please feel free to comment anytime and thanks for reading.

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