>Break from Normal Program

>So sense I am writing a series about fulfilment “Fulfillment: Is it really obtainable?” and while that is still going I will also be looking at the Book of Genesis and trying to shed a little light on “The Original Design”. All these are to be tools if for no one else at least for me. That I may have something to work through day in and day out to reach my full potential in life.

HOWEVER this is what I call a break from the normal program, a commercial if you will……

Disclaimer Listed Below

*This is a free write. All thoughts expressed are simply swirling around the mind and freely expressed here. There is spell or grammar check, there is no looking for clarity for the reader, but rather an attempt to allow the reader to enter into the world/mind of Thomas Anderson Jr. Reader Discretion is advised.

The changes that will take place in the new year of my life are so amazing. Yet there is little room to rejoice. What if a different choice was made? What if along this path I would have carried a little less or a little more. Is it wrong to wonder the what if? If I deemed that happiness can be magnified elsewhere am I wrong for wanting to pursue that avenue? Its still is along with the same endeavors it doesn’t change the plan maybe just the players…. Is that kind of thing even allowed?

He knows he needs to get clean, so many options though. He can take a bath or a shower, he can even wash-up at the sink hitting just the important parts. But instead of making this more complicated that it needs to be he chooses the same and goes for the shower. As he steps in he realizes his feet hurt from the constant travel along the wrong. Rewarding it is, challenging no doubt but now his feet are bruised. So he makes the call as the water runs to switch to a bath instead.

Relaxing himself in a way unknown this makes the new challenges much worth it. As he lays in the tub feeling so calm, he hasn’t notice the high level that the water had reached. Doesn’t bother him as life has been worse and he closes his eyes to sleep. Its been days since real rest and this sleep is so divine that it seems to be just what he needed. Yet the sleep is strong and deep in form so his body begins to decline. Now head under water you think he’d be alarmed but no just sleeping away. His body doesn’t respond the choice has been made that this path would be his bed.

Let not the deeds you do and the life you live be your down fall. We all have the God given gift to choose, please choose wisely.


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