>Things to come – Original Design

>The Original Design is simply the beginning of a study on how life was pre-fall of man. When looking at the beginning of mankind we see several aspects of life that we may or may not have now. Well for one what is different about life then and now? Is there anything that we can do to get back to or fairly close to this original design in which God rested from saying it was good?

So we will be looking at The book of Genesis and discovering the SIX elements or commands of God to man and women. These are all pre-fall of man and hopefully in post to come you can see how different life would have been.

The purpose of this study is a continuous look at our lives today and how we can live to the fullest. Being able to look in the past can help shape our future and there is no better place to begin… than the beginning.

If there are any comments, questions or even topics that you would like to share or discuss please let me know.

Bless God in all that you do, and God bless all you do…


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