Fulfillment: Is it really obtainable? (Part 2)

>Well hoping that you have read Part 1 to this blog on fulfillment I want to start by thanking you for returning to read part 2. I do not claim to be an expert in this matter. I only claim to live a fulfilled life by way of the ideas expressed in this series of post’s. So thanks again and let us begin Fulfillment: Is it really obtainable? (Part 2)

I want to start looking at the those three questions on fulfillment in the next few post
1) What does it matter that I am fulfilled? (or Why)
2)How does one become fulfilled?
3)Is that a realistic goal, to be fulfilled?

More specifically the very first question will be addressed here.
What does it matter that I am fulfilled?

I am sure many people who have begun to think through the idea of fulfillment, or have wrestled with being unsatisfied with any aspect of your life and may have asked this question in some shape or form. So what and why does fulfillment/satisfaction really matter.

I would say that most people live a life where regret is a reoccurring feeling. When you really think about it, there are decisions that we wish we would have made, or wouldn’t have made. There are opportunities we wish we didn’t miss and roads we wish we didn’t go down.

However what if there was a chance that you could have an optimistic view on life and it not be forced because you want to keep from being angry or depressed and it isn’t necessarily dependent on circumstance. I am speaking of a genuine feeling that the things you are apart of (organizations, church ministries, groups even your job) give you that sense of satisfaction. To me its an undeniable feeling, no matter the pay grade, no matter the stress level, no matter the initial outcome, you love what you do in spite of it all.

There are a lot of people who don’t live with this. They work because they have to, they chase other people dreams or live in a false reality where they chase a dream that isn’t their own and therefore will bring no real joy. When we live in a society where a dream from people who have “made it” is constantly shown to us, or rather we hear stories or those who started with less than nothing and now own it all, we begin to adopt the “that can be me” or “I want that” mentality. Please be careful for this is not a true product of you but a product of the propaganda seen and the lifestyle lived.

We each are created with gift and talents that when used properly we find ourselves doing what not only we love but what we are good at. God has uniquely designed everyone differently so that we may all assist one another, however when we try to pursue an endeavor that is not from our own heart we find that we can misuse those gifts and are not satisfied by our efforts.

So for some people it wont matter if they are fulfilled by what they do. They will try to fill that void with materialist things. Searching continuously for something to put their hearts at rest. For others they understand that the heart can lead you towards a vast amount of riches that money can’t provide.

Now I’m not saying that I believe money doesn’t have its importance as anyone who knows me understand I enjoy having it. I am saying that I don’t believe people who want to be rich just for the fun of it really have a clue.

To close I will be honest and say that without knowing Christ as our personal Lord and Savior I don’t believe that you can achieve TRUE personal fulfilment as Christ came to give us life and more of it.

Thanks for taking time to read another post and may God continue to guide your life.


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